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May and June are busy months from a flying admin point of view. My medical (which needs to be done annually) expires at the end of May. My PPL needs to be renewed by the end of June. This makes this a busy couple of weeks.

To renew my medical requires an annual audiogram, lipogram and eye test. To be honest, I can’t see why these need to be done yearly (perhaps with the exception of the eye test?). Having to go through a medical every year at my age (42) seems superfluous – especially since I know I’m in good health.

There are aviation authorities which are moving away from regular Medical’s for PPL holders and others which are simplifying these (think the FAA BasicMed plan). But our authority tends to be on the healing edge of the curve, not the bleeding edge so it must be done.

This year my medical has turned up two unwelcome harbingers of being over 40 – firstly my myopia which has been present since I was about 6 has turned and it is starting to trend back toward normal which means that presbyopia is on it’s way. Fortunately, my arms haven’t begun getting shorter just yet.

Secondly my cholesterol has increased. Quite a bit. So will have to do some intervention there. I guess if the worst part about having a yearly medical is that it can pick up potential problems early, then maybe it isn’t such a bad thing…. It’s still a PITA though.

From the point of view of my PPL renewal – well, it is simply something that must get done. In South Africa we need to renew/revalidate our PPLs after 12months initially then every 24months. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but i need to practice the maneuvers and get them down pat. Fortunately, the Sling is so docile they shouldn’t be an issue at all….

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