This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

I am a private pilot in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve been flying for about 2 years and recently acquired my first aircraft, a TAF Sling 4. We are based in the south of Johannesburg at a small private airstrip called Baragwanath/Syferfontein (FASY). I like to post reports on trips I’ve taken and my flights.

I have 150h in my logbook as at June 2019 and am steadily increasing these but am well aware that I am right in the middle of the so called “Killing Zone”. I am concerned about flight safety and am anxious to remain both current and proficient. I can often be found with my nose in aviation writing – especially that which deals with safety and proficiency.

I have an interest in video but unfortunately not the time to pursue it. I try and record my flights, but it’s more about the flying than anything else.