“Hi, my name is Mike and I’m addicted to flying. It’s been 20 days since I last flew….”

Good grief. 20 days. I’m not sure I can remember what those big flat things sticking out of the side of the aeroplane are anymore. The Flight school has been closed from 22 dec to 2 Jan and because a lot o my colleagues have been away I haven’t had time to do any flying.

I’ve managed to escape from the circuit having completed 3 hours of solo circuits and now it’s back to the general flying area for some steep turns, forced and precautionary landings. Which was supposed to happen yesterday but the weather gods discerned my plans and blessed us with a day of 1500ft broken cloud. Which followed a week of CAVOK. But such is life. Fortunately I’ve been able to use the time to catch up on some exams – picked up Airplane Tech and General and Met over the break – 3 left – Nav, Flight planning and Human factors.

I’ve enjoyed playing with ye olde whizz wheel while studying for the Nav – it’s really quite an amazing piece of kit – yes, you could use a CX2 or an iPhone app but it doesn’t have the appeal of twirling that circular slide rule and trying to remember which factor of 10 you should be using.

The nice thing about being post circuit solo is getting to fly the G1000 G3 SR20 as opposed to the G2 Avidyne 20’s. So a new challenge. In a newer aircraft (which has A/C – a blessing on the 30C + days we are having)

Hoping for better weather tomorrow….

Clear skies!

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